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Time Management

To compete, time management is essential. It is said that time is money, the more we work, the more we earn. It is up to us how we use our time in order and make the most of it. Good time management makes us more productive and useful. People that apply some of the basic principles of time management to their lives tend to be more energetic, productive, satisfied and efficient. Corporate time management plays a significant role in a business and its employees.

Every organisation should have a good time management system from the lowest to the highest level so that productivity is assured.

    The first step to being an effective time manager is to schedule and prioritise your work. Plan your daily task a day before prioritising your work according to the time that it may require. Planning the work at night that you have to perform the next day will allow your subconscious mind to ponder over it and generates new ideas to perform your task in an optimised manner. Maintaining a schedule of your daily work will allow you to sleep more soundly and eliminates the likes of over thinking. Scheduling your job will provide you a clear picture of each task and the time consumption so that you can plan your other engagements accordingly. Always start with the highest priority to the lower one and make an idea of the estimated time that each work will require.
    Every human being is blessed with exceptional organisational skills until and unless you use it wisely. Organise your task schedules your meetings according to the priorities. Studies have proven that planning your work before hand reduce stress and anxiety and promote confidence, energy, and self-satisfaction. Planning your schedule will provide you a great of a feel of controlling over you and enforces you to perform the due task at a particular time. As it increases your self-esteem, you will be in charge of your everyday tasks and ultimately your life.
    An early start to the day provides you more time to think and accomplish your goals efficiently. The more time you take to sit and plan the more accurate your execution will be. Behind every successful man, there is a common secret of starting their day early in the morning. Staring your day with dawn allows your mind to work efficiently and builds a habit of going asleep at night at a reasonable time. Preparing your day early in the morning keeps you more focused and clear headed. Starting your day with a goal to worker efficient and completing your goals within a time frame make you more result oriented and develops an everlasting sense of responsibility in your nature. Waking up early will not only makes you a good time manager but it will also eliminate laziness and keep you active round the clock.
    Don’t waste your time finding things that have been missed placed. Keep all of your stuff that you need on your daily basis, for example, car keys, wallet, documents, shoes, etc. at a particular location to avoid wasting time to find such things. Use a cupboard, shelf or any other holder as a filling system and keep your necessary accessories over there to make a handy approach. Just imagine your wake-up a morning and find all of your essential accessories in place and you just pick them and go off to work. Doesn’t it sound away time-saving? You will never get late for your office if you have all the things that you require quickly. Keeping your belongings handy and neatly is a characteristic of an efficient manager.
    Most people are not much efficient and they often do time management mistakes for those people there are some wise tips to utilise. Mould your time and manage your life to be productive, motivated, focused and straight headed towards your goals. Figure out your working prime time, a time in a day where you find yourself most comfortable, focused and productive towards your targets and make the most of it completing more work within this stage. You just need to figure out your prime time and schedule your most important job within that time to achieve flawless goals. It’s a good idea to use a reliable time tracking software to see how you spend your time during the day. It can be a valuable insight. Some of the most important work demands you to be at your very best and attentive for such works figure out, and use your prime time optimally.
    Studies proved that one-hour uninterrupted working while travelling in an air plane is equivalent to 3 hours of office work. Working while travelling keeps you focused and prevented distracting you from external agents. Many studies have been, and each of them supported the idea that working while travelling is very productive and useful. Before leaving for a journey plan your work and organise your task while you travel. You see many people reading a newspaper while travelling; this is because reading and doing your job while work allows you to be more attentive and result oriented.
    The key to being an efficient time manager is to stop spending time on unnecessary work. Eliminating the additional and maintaining focus only to the relevant ones will allow you to be more productive and self-centred towards your goals. Figure out what is preventing you from achieving your goals and hitting your targets and considers those factors as unnecessary, eliminate those immediately and be better time manager. You need to figure out what is unnecessary and what task can be done later but are important. Mould your time accordingly and assign time slots to each of your tasks.
    Everyone is not blessed with the gift of being an efficient multi-tasker. Realise what kind of task you can handle simultaneously without compromising quality. If you consider yourself as an expert multi-tasker, use this ability to achieve your goals efficiently and if you find you lacking in it don’t go for it or else it will become adverse for you. Multi-tasking doesn’t mean to multi-task in every single minute but, realizing your need and the demand of that time. Multi-task only when required and you feel comfortable in it otherwise; the likes of adverse effects will be much more while doing multiple tasks simultaneously. Multi tasking should be well-planned, result oriented and calculated.
    Interruptions are one of the leading causes of time wastage. Often you suffer outages that are almost unstoppable, and you need to continue your work whatsoever. To be an effective time manager you should be an expert in avoiding distractions and maintaining focus on your job. If any of your friend, co-worker or client comes to see you while working just pardon them and ask them to come the minute later. If you are skilled enough to avoid distractions surely, you can be a productive resource and ultimately an expert time manager. Distractions may lead you to compromise performance and in-completion of your task that will cost you. You should know how to ignore distraction and keep going with your responsibilities.
    The working roles and responsibilities in a workplace should be well-defined. You are responsible only for those tasks that are assigned to you by your superiors. You should not do those tasks that others or your inferiors can do for you. By this mechanism, everyone needs to get his dues done at a given moment, for which everyone is responsible. This methodology creates and efficient time management eco-system to achieve goals and hit all new targets. No matter what job nature you have, time management plays a pivotal role in the development of any organisation to make it even productive and efficient. Being prepared beforehand allows you stay focused and result oriented.
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