Financial Systems

Financial Systems


Corporate Nature offer a range tailored financial management services to suit your needs and budget.  We have a fully qualified accountant on staff, a senior financial officer with 20 years’ experience.  We use Reckon Hosted as the accounting system and a standard chart of accounts.  Our financial team members bring extensive experience in the not for profit sector ensuring that we can be effective immediately, add value, and ensure compliance. Our range of services include:

  • Reckon Hosted with is a cloud based accounting system
  • Standard chart of accounts with some adaptation for not for profits
  • Licensing is registered to the organisation so you always own your data
  • The accounting data is backed up off site and in various locations so your data is secure
  • Annually, we install the upgraded software with the new taxation tables.
  • Ability to share with your accountants and auditors


We have used other accounting systems such as Xero and MYOB but Reckon Hosted offers a better reporting system and more flexibility in relation to project class codes.  

No. By using the same system, we are able to be experts in that one system, and this in turn keeps the costs down.  We become much more efficient if we use the same system for everyone. We can move you from your current system to Reckon and this will be discussed in your initial consultation. 

The standard chart of accounts is found under our News and Resourcing heading.  It has been slightly adapted to include account codes for subcontracting which is often a feature of government funding.