Our Project Corporate Support Coordinators can assist with all of your contracting needs.  This includes:

  • Reviewing and process incoming funding agreements
  • Providing advice regarding incoming funding agreements
  • Assisting with new funding applications including completing the forms, lodging tenders, project budgeting.
  • Liaising with funders
  • Arranging approvals and execution of contracts
  • Creation of new outgoing subcontracts
  • Assisting with any grant programs that you need to run (administering landholder or community grants programs)
  • Completing contract acquittals
  • Maintaining contract registers for reporting
  • Creation of sales and purchase orders
  • Monthly updates on contract obligations
  • Monthly updates on project budget vs actuals including the provision of transaction listings


Yes we have standard contracting templates which have been developed by legal advisors.  We have versions of the contract for most occurrences including templates for landholder grants. 

We keep information about contracts in development, active contracts, contract variations and completed contracts.  This enables us to provide various reports to your board on contracting information.