Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety


We have a fully qualified WHS officer on staff who can assist you with:

  • WHS Policy development and implementation
  • Administration of staff WHS committees
  • Incident reporting
  • WHS reporting to the board
  • Risk Management/SWMS
  • Safety audits of offices and vehicles.
  • Workstation assessments (through occupational therapist partners)
  • Sourcing and arranging WHS training
  • Sourcing and purchasing PPE and safety equipment
  • Developing online WHS Training plans through e3learning
  • Return to work plans for any injured workers


We use MAUS system to ensure that we keep up to date with all of the WHS rules and regulations. As they are amended, we update your policies and communicate those changes to you and your staff. 

We use an online system called e3learning which can be branded with your logo.  There are a range of WHS courses each year for you to choose from based on what you need. We can also arrange first aid training, driver safety training and more…

We use professional occupational health and safety specialists to conduct the workstation assessments.  This can be done onsite or remotely. They report the outcome and make recommendations for workstation assessments.